Our Team


Our Team

We pride ourselves on being a vibrant, energetic company with a thirst for adventure. What sets us apart is our commitment to go one step further for our guests. With a maximum of 12 guests on board, our crew to guest ratio ensures personalised service for that unforgettable experience.

Our skipper has spent years plotting previously unchartered waters to uncover new fishing spots and stunning scenery. Supported by two deckhands, a stewardess and a chef, the Diversity crew are always on hand to help, leaving you to immerse yourself in adventure.



Callum Angove

Captain & Operations Manager

Cal’s love affair with the ocean began when he was in 16.
He grew up on the coast and fell in love with the ocean instantly. His quest for adventure and passion for the outdoors led him to the Kimberley and he has never looked back. Over the last 5 years Cal has gained invaluable experience working on high-end luxury boats such as MV Great Escape, PV Phoenix and superyacht YOLO. During his time he has been fortunate to work with some of the most knowledgeable Kimberly experts, including Captain Chris “Trippy” Tripp who is revered as one of the best in the business. Over the years Cal has uncovered teaming Barramundi hot spots, pristine beaches and some of the most secluded anchorages.

Cal is Master 5 qualified, a gifted skipper and boat handler who has a deep respect for the ocean. His experience and sound mechanical aptitude ensures you are always in safe hands. The crew aim to deliver exceptional service, supreme comfort and the freshest cuisine, seamlessly weaving action and relaxation to create a truly unforgettable experience.

Marissa Louise Wagner


Marrissa is a dream to have onboard the board.  She is a vital cog in a team that works very hard to ensure our guests have the best possible time.  Her attention detail means the boat is always looking great and guests can relax and enjoy themselves.  Her friendly attitude and her passion for the Kimberley ensures first class service and a unforgettable adventure.


Brent Mitchell

First Mate

Brent has worked in the Kimberley on various vessels for the last 7 years. He is a keen fisherman, and knows a lot about the unique geography and history of the region.


Jake Bazelman


Jake Bazelman has a wealth of knowledge of the West Australian coast line. Jake has spent a lot of his sea time up and down the west coast of Australia. It’s no surprise he spends his spare time fishing when he can.
Boundless energy, Jake is the perfect guide to take you on your next adventure.