"Thank you for giving us wonderful memories we will never forget.


I have been in touch with our travel agent and sang your praises.

Wish I was there" – Peter.


"I often think of the beautiful scenery in the Kimberley and

of course the seafood. We had a great time and learned a lot".

G Dowsett & S McAuliffe


"Smaller group is so much better. Thoroughly enjoyable experience, .

we will always recommend Diversity Charters to explore the Kimberley's".

5 day Rowley Shoals Eco-Dive 2017 Schedule

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  • Day 1

    You will be welcomed aboard the MV Diversity with a welcome drink and canapes at 4.30pm. The crew will show you to your cabin, before the chef prepares dinner; showcasing the best of the local Broome produce.

  • Day 2

    After an overnight steam, the MV Diversity pulls into the Lagoon at 8am where you can enjoy an energising fresh breakfast, before descending into a dive spot called “The West Side”. The West Side is a coral wall, which is teaming with large tropical fish and perhaps a shark or two. Stop for a light lunch before launching into the afternoon dive. Our Dive Master guides you to an underwater playground, home of the big boys; Tuna, Mackerel, sharks and the large docile Potato Cods. Towel off and get ready to enjoy the gourmet barbeque on the sandy beach of Bedwell Islet, evening entertainment provided by the tropical birds that frequent the island.

  • Day 3

    We anchor at 8am in the pristine waters of the lagoon at Clerk Reef. The Lagoon offers an incredible array of tropical fish that dart in and around some spectacular corals. After lunch, rest the fins and relax into a guided drift dive through “The Edge”, on the border of the atoll. An afternoon at “The Edge” caters for everyone; drop a line in, dive, snorkel or just kick back and watch the sun sink into the ocean.

  • Day 4

    Wake up with a chilled snorkel in the channel, before we steam to Mermaid Reef. Mermaid Reef is a pristine National Marine Reserve that is virtually untouched. Slip into the current and glide past huge clams, slim white-tip reef sharks to meet the local Potato Cods at the notorious Cod Hole. Relax in the sunshine, as the crew refill your tanks onboard and prepare for your first evening dive. Watch the reef come alive, and view the colourful fish and coral in a whole moonlight.

  • Day 5

    Buckle up for adventure, today we explore “The Wall”. The most spectacular dive spot of the Shoals, A sheer 100m vertical drop that is home to myriad of corals and bright coloured fish. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll get to hang with a Hammerhead Shark before drifting on to observe turtles and more exquisite formations. After lunch we’ll explore “The Net”. An exciting dive that will take you on a journey through reefs and overhanging caves as the marine life watches on. As the sun sets we suit up once more to explore the underwater world at night. Enjoy a fresh

  • What to bring:

    We supply tanks, weight belts and air fills. We have two dive compressors, oxygen and an RFD first aid kit on board. Guests must supply their own wetsuit, mask, snorkel, fins, a serviced BCD regulator and dive computer, safety sausage, cyalume stick, and dive torch. We cater for divers of all levels with a PADI Dive Master on board to guide you.Equipment can also be hired in Broome, please ensure this is pre-arranged well before departure.Travel and Dive Insurance is required, and will be requested after booking